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AlphaScan Co., Ltd., the official distributor of Philips monitors, announced the new Philips 24-inch monitor ‘246E1 QHD FreeSync 75 Eye Protection White Height’ as the first new product in 2022. It provides QHD resolution, zero-bezel design with the latest IPS panel and a stylish white exterior, the latest input terminal including USB-C, height-adjustable stand, gaming functions such as FreeSync, 75Hz and game mode, and a paper-like reading environment. It is the best cost-effective product boasting excellent product power, such as EasyRead mode and eye protection for eye health, and can be a good choice as a monitor for telecommuting and remote classes.

At the launch event held from January 6th to 24th, the 246E1 can be purchased for 299,000 won with free shipping by offering a discount of 30,000 won for 100 units. If you write a photo product review on the purchase site, you will receive a Shinsegae gift certificate of KRW 5,000, and if you post a photo product review on Naver blog, Danawa DPG, IT-related communities or cafes, a Philips gift worth KRW 20,000 including Alpha Scan Pentagraph Keyboard and Philips Jangpad An additional box will be given away.

Since it is equipped with a high-definition IPS panel with QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution, more information can be viewed in a larger workspace, so it is efficient for professional work such as high-resolution design with multiple windows open at the same time. The elegant white color new product that can upgrade the space has a borderless design that makes the screen feel bigger than other products of the same size. It minimizes visual discomfort and eye fatigue. In addition, the high color gamut of NTSC 100% (CIE1976) and sRGB 117% (CIE1931) accurately expresses rich and vivid original colors.

The new product provides HDMI and DP as well as USB-C ports so that it can be easily connected to various devices such as laptops and mobile phones, so it can be used as a dual monitor or auxiliary monitor. . In addition, it is equipped with a stand that can be adjusted in height, so it can be used comfortably with customized settings in various working environments, and there is a 100mm x 100mm VESA hole that allows wall-mounting and monitor arm installation.

As a FreeSync product certified by AMD, it allows you to control the game more precisely with a smooth screen without screen tearing or tearing at any refresh rate. In addition, it implements a frame rate of 75Hz, which is higher than the 60Hz of a general monitor, so that the fast screen and movement of the game are displayed softly and delicately without afterimage. In addition, by providing game modes such as FPS, RTS, and Racing, you can enjoy game play on an optimized screen.

Philips SmartContrast technology analyzes color and backlight intensity according to the content displayed on the screen to realize the best digital images and videos, and dynamically improves the contrast ratio when playing games against a dark background. On the other hand, if you install the Philips SmartControl software, you can conveniently set various settings of the monitor with the mouse instead of the OSD button. If you use SmartDesktop, the bundled screen division software, you can use 17 screen division options, so you can multitask while viewing multiple programs on one screen at the same time.

The EasyRead mode (reader mode) that provides a paper-like reading environment creates the best environment for telecommuting and remote classes, and has the advantage of reducing eye strain by eliminating minute flicker by applying flicker-free technology. In addition, it has a blue light reduction function that reduces eye strain even after prolonged use, making it a recommended product for users who work while looking at the monitor screen for a long time.

Philips Monitor said, “This 246E1 white monitor was released at the request of customers who wanted color matching with PC and a clean environment. It is a product that will be welcomed by all corporate customers, including hospitals and hospitals.”

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Reporter Yoo Dong-shik [email protected]