Annoying cell phone camera disappears: China manufacturer with crazy idea

With the Vivo X51, the selfie camera can still be seen at all times. (Image source: GIGA)

Vivo may be working on a cell phone with a very special display: it can be rolled up to make the selfie camera disappear. In this way, the smartphone becomes a real full-screen mobile phone without an annoying section.

Vivo-Handy: Design shows a roll-out display

The Chinese manufacturer Vivo is known for its slightly crazy experiments. Now you have a patent for one special roll-out display secured. At first glance, the selfie camera is located behind a punch hole, but the lens can be pushed upwards using a mechanism. The selfie camera really only shows itself when it is actually needed.

Both the lower and the upper end of the cell phone have small rollers over which moved the flexible display can be. However, the screen itself does not enlarge with the planned technology. The patent was submitted to the World Intellectual Property Office on June 21, 2021 (source: LetsGoDigital).

The animation shows Vivo’s idea of ​​a disappearing selfie camera. Image: LetsGoDigital

One another variant of the idea provides that two front cameras are used. These are arranged one above the other and take on different tasks. Normal selfies can be taken with the first camera, while the second allows wide-angle shots. A simple swipe downwards should first make the first camera appear, a further hand movement then the second camera.

The crazy Vivo V23 is also worth a look as it can change color.

Futuristic selfie cell phone: only one patent so far

So far, the cell phone with a roll-out display has only been a patent from the Chinese manufacturer. However, it is also certain that Vivo is not afraid to bring special cell phones onto the market. The Vivo Nex from 2018 was the first smartphone with a fingerprint sensor in the display and a retractable pop-up camera. The Vivo Apex 2020 is even crazier.

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