Apple will soon be giving away AirPods again: customers are already looking forward to it

Some customers are already looking forward to it, because Apple will soon be giving away AirPods again. We’re already getting started abroad. GIGA reveals when it will be that time again in this country.

Apple regularly gives students, parents who buy for students, as well as teachers and university staff a “little extra” when they buy new hardware. Currently, qualified customers from Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Brazil can look forward to this, because they currently receive the AirPods (2nd generation with wired charging case) when buying a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Ma mini, Mac Pro, iPad Pro and iPad Air free. All of this under the umbrella of the new back-to-university campaign. (Source: MacRumors).

Free AirPods: The time has come in summer

It sounds familiar to us, because last year Apple offered the same deal to students in this country as part of the “back-to-school campaign”. Currently, however, American and European customers are still missing out, but they can look forward to it in advance. One thing is certain: Apple will launch the campaign again with us in 2022. When exactly?

Apple’s youngest AirPods in the 3rd generation, but Apple will probably only give them out for a surcharge:

The USA should start a little earlier. Probably again in June. With us it should be so far in July. Apple will in all likelihood give us time again until the beginning of mid-October. However, it is unclear whether the exact same deal will be launched without further ado or whether Apple may even be giving away the newer AirPods 3. But even if not, even the simple AirPods 2 cost just under 150 euros from the manufacturer, money that can then be saved. Likewise, Apple has so far allowed the corresponding customers to buy the higher-quality AirPods cheaper with the difference.

Apple wants to retain young customers

In addition, of course, there is the usual education discount on the hardware to be bought in the Edu Store. In short: Apple skilfully sneaks around young buyers, after all, it is important to generate regular customers at an early stage. They just have to be patient at the moment. But soon Apple is giving away AirPods again in Germany.