B2 stealth bomber on Google Maps: You can find it here

The satellite images from Google Maps offer an extensive view of the world. There are also numerous curiosities in the map series. For example, you will see a “stealth bomber” there.

A stealth bomber was discovered on Google Maps as early as the end of 2021. There was a corresponding notice on Reddit. A link to the coordinates Although it is circulating on the net, the bomber has since become however removed from the satellite image. But there is still a curious picture of a “B2” airplane that you can discover in Google’s map series.

Airplanes are generally filtered out of the satellite images by Google, after all, because of the sheer air traffic, one would probably not see much of the actual landscapes. But sometimes one plane slips through, as is the case with the “B2 Stealth Bomber”. The shot is particularly curious as the “Stealth Bomber” is known to be invisible on radar. You can still discover the plane that has been removed in the meantime on screenshots:

If you want to see a real model on the map, have a look here:

Make sure to look at the map in the satellite view. This is an aircraft at an airport that is not in the air, it is had an accident. The aircraft is at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri.

More secret and exciting places you can visit in Google Maps:

What is so special about the “B2 stealth bomber”?

The “B2” is probably the most famous stealth bomber. It is considered the most expensive military aircraft in the world. Of the first 132 aircraft planned by the “US Air Force” were probably only 21 actually built.

Including the costs for the development, the unit price should be at around $ 2 billion lie. In “real”, very few will probably see a “stealth bomber”, but you still have the opportunity to do so on Google Maps. But it is important to be quick, because the current recording as well as the previous discoveries could be deleted.

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