Call of Duty Warzone: The first update for 2022 is here – that’s in the new patch

Warzone gets the first update of the year: Raven Software gives a new one Patch for download free. About their website the developers publish the patch notes and thus deal with the changes and innovations. In the foreground of the update is a bug fix for a bug that suddenly made the player invisible. The reason was a bug with the Awoken skin for Francis, which can be unlocked at level 100 of the Battle Pass. The first reports appeared in December, and the number of reports has increased over the past few days. Whoever activated the skin was no longer visible to other players from a certain distance – only the mask was visible.

Bug fixes in the first patch in 2022

With the new Warzone update, the Invisibility bugs are a thing of the past. In the Vanguard modes, on the other hand, the Firesale Public Event should from now on be active as long as the circle with which it begins. There are also bug fixes for collision errors on Caldera, which allowed players, for example, to shoot through objects.

Further updates in the works

Individual exploits should also be closed with the update. In addition, after the patch it should no longer happen that every loadout drop always appears at the same XY coordinates. Further changes are not included in the update, but should follow over the coming weeks. The current update is just one of many that will be available in the coming weeks for Call of Duty Warzone (buy now 42.01 €) should appear.

Call of Duty: Warzone – Launch-Trailer zum Pazifik-Update

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