CoD: Warzone – Activision is suing a large cheat provider from Germany

With the new anti-cheat system Ricochet Activision tries to stop the hackers in Call of Duty: Warzone. However, the problem should also be tackled at the root and the company is now taking legal action against the cheat provider EngineOwning.

CoD: Warzone – Cheat provider from Germany should go to court

Cheaters are a real nuisance in Call of Duty: Warzone and publisher Activision has been at war with them and of course with those who make a profit since the release of the free Battle Royale. The cheaters are to be driven out of Warzone through massive waves of ban and not least through the introduction of the anti-cheat system ricochet.

Another possibility to fight the cheaters is to take action against the providers of the cheat software. Activision filed a lawsuit in the state of California on January 4, 2022 EngineOwning one. The cheat provider is one of the largest in the field of Warzone and other shooters and should, according to Activision, operate from Germany. The application even specifically names five people residing in Germany. (Source:; Upload through The Verge).

What is the lawsuit based on?

Cheating itself is of course not a criminal offense. Activision throws EngineOwning therefore Copyright Infringement and Terms of Use Violation before. EngineOwning is said not only to have enriched itself by selling software based on Activision’s intellectual property, but also to have damaged the company’s reputation. This resulted in high sales losses for Activision now Compensation sought.

EngineOwning has not yet responded to the lawsuit. So far, cheat providers have stopped their services in order not to have to go to court, such as the provider CxCheats in August 2020. It remains to be seen whether EngineOwning even has this option. Should there be a conviction, it would not only affect Warzone, but also Battlefield, Halo or Splitgate.

In August 2020, CxCheats gave in pretty quickly:

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