Continuous surveillance for new cars: EU declares war on razors

In July 2022, a tool for permanent monitoring will find its way into new vehicles. The EU has ensured this with a regulation. Stepping on the gas carefree is no longer an issue for many drivers. Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance is unlikely to be the desired panacea.

EU regulation: speed control in the car becomes compulsory

The EU has declared war on razors with a new regulation: Ab July 7, 2022 will be a smart speed check on board new cars to duty. More precisely, models whose type approval is after this date must be equipped with the ISA (Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance) software solution from the market launch.

ISA coordinates well-known functions of modern cars, whether they are combustion engines or e-cars. The speed measurement of the car is linked to traffic sign recognition and cruise control, among other things. Navigation data, modern sensors and cameras are also to be tapped (source: Spiegel).

If the ISA detects excessive speed, it uses acoustic or optical signals to indicate that the speed limit is exceeded. Vibration of the accelerator pedal or increased resistance when accelerating are also permitted as indications. If they are ignored, the system automatically turns down. It can even do that Temporarily switch off engine power, but don’t use the brakes.

This is how you want to increase road safety. It should be annually 25,000 fewer road deaths give, 140,000 fewer seriously injured people are expected. Proponents of the move criticize the fact that ISA can be switched off manually if it is also automatically reactivated each time the engine is started.

You shouldn’t get caught up in these misconceptions about e-cars:

ISA will be expensive for drivers

On the other hand, the ADAC complains that the system has not been adequately tested. In addition, the ISA – although mandatory – is likely to be in the future expensive for car buyers will. The EU rules stipulate that car manufacturers must offer the function free of charge for the first seven years. After that, a subscription would be conceivable, which customers would then not be allowed to refuse.

It will take some time before the system becomes mandatory in many cars. New vehicles with type approval dated before July 6, 2022, must only be equipped with ISA from mid-2024. From then on, however, only correspondingly older used vehicles without the “automatic brake” will be allowed on the road.