Far Cry 6: Popular villain is back in a new DLC

Since October 2021 you can enjoy the “Far Cry 6” campaign around the dictator Castillo. The first new content appeared in November and the next are already in the starting blocks. The new DLC is all about the well-known villain Pagan.

Far Cry 6: Immerse yourself in the mind of a mad dictator

After enjoying a very mild climate in the last parts of the “Far Cry” series, Far Cry 6 is also sending you back to a tropical island. Since then you have had to make plans, complete missions and defend tacos and since November 2021 you can even let your madness run wild.

At that time the first part of the Season Pass appeared and it let you into the head of “Far Cry 3” villain Vaan. He found himself focused on his past and had to fight his inner demons.

The next expansion will appear in just a few days: Control. You play the antagonist Pagan Min from Far Cry 4. There he was the tyrannical, self-proclaimed king of Kyrat, a fictional country in the Himalayas that is inspired by Nepal.

The charismatic villains have been part of the series since Far Cry 3. You don’t get to see much of them in the course of the games, but they are great, to learn more about the backstories of the series.

When will the expansion be released and what other plans are there?

You don’t have to wait long until the release of Far Cry 6: Pagan-Control. The extension will appear on January 11th für PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One und Xbox Series X/S.

(Those: Twitter)

You can already expect in March 2022 the 3rd villain episode. This time around, you can look forward to the infamous Far Cry 5 villain Joseph Seed in Far Cry 6: Joseph Collapse.

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Far Cry 6 – Limited Edition (Amazon exclusive, free upgrade on PS5)

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