From electric cars to corona bonuses: You should know these changes in 2022

New year, new regulations: 2022 will bring some changes to our everyday lives. It is easier to terminate contracts, internal combustion engines are more expensive and if you are caught on the train without a ticket, you can no longer buy one quickly. GIGA has the overview.

Termination of consumer contracts: no problem one month before the deadline

The revised Telecommunications Act showed how it will be done, and other areas will soon follow suit: consumer contracts will be legally relaunched from March 2022. So termination will then be easier, because as with mobile phone and internet contracts, term contracts may no longer simply be extended again and again for one year after the end of the agreed contract period. We have summarized everything you need to know about changes to consumer contracts in a separate article.

E-cars are becoming more attractive

For owners of an electric car and those who want to become one, 2022 has good news ready: The Promotion when buying a purely electric car should be continued. There will be some changes, however, especially with plug-in hybrids.

The new charging station ordinance came into force on January 1st. Providers must therefore make it possible for e-car drivers, at the charging station or in the immediate vicinity with girocard or credit card to pay. However, there is a grace period, charging providers have until mid-2023 to develop appropriate systems. Existing charging stations do not have to be retrofitted. Critics expect the new regulations to slow down the expansion of the charging network.

E-prescription botched the start, how’s the E-AU going?

The triumphant advance of the e-prescription should really pick up speed in 2022. But it is now clear: With the timely start it will not work. The Federal Ministry of Health has postponed the start indefinitely because the necessary technical requirements are lacking. That this would happen had been in sight for weeks, if not months. We are curious how you want to turn the cart around.

Hopefully things will go better with the electronic certificate of incapacity for work (AU). she should from July 1, 2022, will be digitally and automatically sent to the employer. Since this year, doctors have been reporting electronically to the health insurers, from where the AU is to be distributed to the employers. The consumer advice center NRW is already skeptical: As with the e-prescription, it could also take longer (source: Consumer advice center NRW).

Zero-sum game for consumers? More money, but higher prices

It’s almost a dear habit – or a recurring nuisance, depending on how you deal with it: The Deutsche Post is turning the price screw. Letters, regardless of their size, are 5 cents more expensive, and postcards even have a hefty plus of 10 cents to 70 cents.

At the turn of the year, the next stage in the steady rise in the price of CO2 also ignited. Companies then have to pay 30 euros per tonne of CO2 emitted. The actually manageable additional burden will be passed on to the end customer with some certainty. The prices are around 1.5 cents plus per liter of petrol or diesel The same applies to heating oil.

The price for natural gas is expected to increase by 0.1 cents per kWh of gas consumption. By increasing the commuter allowance by 5 cents, part of the additional costs should at least be offset somewhat. The EEG surcharge will also be reduced. However, this contrasts with the recently immense rise in electricity prices and is intended to mitigate the inflation effects rather than ensure low prices. The new, shorter notice periods should also apply to energy supply contracts.

A lot will be more expensive in the New Year, so it doesn’t hurt to know these savings tricks, at least when shopping online:

the minimum wage will be increased twice in 2022 according to the current plan. Since January 1, EUR 9.82 per “hour actually worked” has been the absolute minimum (source: Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs / BMAS). From July 1st it will rise to 10.45 euros. The new traffic light coalition has given 12 euros as its target, a date for this step has not yet been set.

Employees also have the chance of one tax-free corona bonus. Employers can pay out up to 1,500 euros tax-free as a bonus for the additional burdens in the pandemic, but only once per employee. Earlier bonus payments will be taken into account, the deadline is March 31, 2022, after which the tax exemption will expire. The basic income tax allowance also increases.

Deutsche Bahn: ticket sales on trains will be discontinued

With the new year there are also changes on the rails again. This is how Deutsche Bahn plans the Stop selling tickets on trains. Since January 1, 2022, you can no longer rush to the train quickly without having a ticket.

However, it is still possible to buy a ticket for a train that you are already sitting on. This is no problem via the Deutsche Bahn app or website. But you shouldn’t take too long with it: If you are checked more than ten minutes after departure without a ticket, it will be expensive: The train then charges double the fare, but at least 60 euros. Better not let it depend on it.