Guidem Art Foundation, ‘Singer Yang Su-kyung X Lee Kwang-soo, President of the Korean American Association’ NFT Artwork Collaboration | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

The legendary singer who dominated the Korean music scene in the 1980s and 1990s and the president of the Korea Art Association, which represents the domestic art world, joined hands to publish a non-fungible token (NFT) collaboration. This is the first time that a famous singer and artist have collaborated in an NFT collaboration.

According to the Guidem Art Foundation, an NFT operator of the Korean American Association on the 6th, singer Yang Soo-kyung met with Lee Kwang-soo, the president of the Korean American Association the day before, and agreed to work on a ‘two-person collaboration’ of NFT art works.

In a meeting with singer Su-kyung Yang, Chairman Lee said, “Art encompasses all other art fields” and “Mr. It is expected that it will become more lively,” he said.

Chairman Lee emphasized, “This World Art Expo can be called the ‘World Art Olympics’.

Singer Yang Soo-kyung received a catalog containing the works of Chairman Lee as a gift and exclaimed that the level of painting exceeded expectations, and said, “Thank you for letting me participate in the collaboration despite the large difference in level.”

During this year’s World Art Expo, Chairman Lee and singer Sukyung Yang are expected to meet frequently to jointly exhibit meaningful NFT works. It is known that the collaboration work will be produced in the form of the representative melody of singer Yang Soo-kyung in the cosmic material of Chairman Lee.

In particular, the NFT collaboration works of ‘Singer Yang Soo-kyung x Lee Kwang-soo’ will be available from mid-March this year at major NFT marketplaces such as Open Sea, the world’s largest NFT trading market.

“This World Art Expo is accelerating the preparations for the competition, including exhibiting 1,200 of the best Korean works that have already been discovered,” said Young-goo Cho, chief operating officer of Guyderm. We will do our best to protect the rights and values ​​of artists belonging to the Korean American Association by publishing as an NFT that blocks ownership changes and reproduction of works.”

There is no entry fee for ‘2022 World Art Expo’ and the first preliminary round will be held online for 3 months. Entries for the 2nd qualifying round can be submitted both online and offline. The final, which competes for gold, silver and bronze medals on a large scale in Seoul and other places, will start on December 1 this year only with NFT.

Overseas, it is reported that the amount of money the Basel International Art Fair makes through its world tour is so high that it overshadows the pandemic, with 1.4 trillion won of art being traded in the Basel Exhibition in Hong Kong last year alone.

By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]