How can you register as unemployed online?

If you are facing a period of unemployment, you have to register with the employment agency as unemployed or looking for a job. But you no longer need to do that on site. Instead, you can register as unemployed online and apply for unemployment benefits.

Since January 1st, 2022 you can use the online function of your ID card to report to the “Employment Office”. So you no longer have to leave the house and appear in person, but can contact you regardless of time and location. In addition to reporting, you can also book a consultation appointment online.

Register as unemployed online at the employment agency – this is how it works

This is how you register as unemployed / looking for work on your mobile phone or on your PC:

  1. Opens the website of the employment agency. Behind this link you will find the offer to register as unemployed.
  2. Click here on the red button with the inscription “Start process“.
  3. You have to create an account. Use the for this ID card with online function. Note that the function must already be activated. You also need a valid email address for the online account.
  4. For the online function of the ID you need an NFC-enabled cell phone or a reader and the AusweisApp2.
  5. Once logged in, you follow the instructions on the screen. You will be guided through the report step by step.

In the online portal of the Federal Employment Agency, you not only register as unemployed, but can also apply for unemployment benefits straight away. The option was introduced on January 1, 2022. Until then, it was imperative to appear personally at the employment agency. From now on it is sufficient to register online using an identity card.

Regardless of the new option to register as unemployed in the browser, you can of course still make an appointment on site and visit the employment agency in person. On the website you will find the office responsible for you. In addition, the toll-free telephone number 0800-4555500 is available for reporting.

Registering unemployed: observe deadlines

Pay attention to the applicable deadlines when reporting. If you know that a non-working period is approaching, you have to report this at least three months before you become unemployed. If you are terminated at short notice or if the employment relationship ends for other reasons before the Three month period expires, you have to register as unemployed within three days.

At the Employment Agency, a distinction must be made between unemployment and jobseeker registrations. The jobseeker registration takes place before the unemployment registration and it is regulated by law that this must take place three months before the end of the employment relationship. The idea of ​​the legislature is that the time of the notice period is actively used to look for work in order to avoid unemployment as much as possible. You should absolutely adhere to these deadlines, otherwise you could face a reduction in unemployment benefit.

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