Instagram has an understanding: users have been waiting for this for years

Instagram is testing the old feed display in its apps. (Image source: Unsplash)

It took a few years and a lot of complaints, but Instagram is now giving in: The chronological feed is back – albeit not as a standard view. Users can also look forward to more feed control.

Instagram: Chronological feed returns

In December 2021, it was announced that Instagram would offer its users want to give them a choice in the futurehow the picture and video feed should be presented. Now the plans are concrete in the form of a first test, as Instagram boss Adam Mosseri confirms on Twitter. Since this has only just started, not all Instagram users should see it immediately.

According to the test, there should not be a chronological display of content everywhere. Instead, stand three different views ready. In “Home” nothing changes, instead the videos and pictures are still arranged in the way Instagram sees fit. It does not matter whether the user subscribed to them at all. The other two options are more exciting.

With “Following” only subscribed content will be displayed presented chronologically will. So if you don’t want to miss anything, you should keep this point in mind. There is also the option of only displaying photos and videos from favorite accounts under “Favorites” (source: Adam Mosseri bei Twitter).

Buying followers on Instagram is not a good idea:

When will the new Instagram feeds be available for everyone?

After a successful test, the newly designed feeds in the first half of 2022 offered to all users. In addition, Facebook, as the operator of Instagram, handles the control functions for parents. These should be more extensive and easier to use.

Instagram has long been criticized for its feed recommendations. Similar to Facebook and YouTube, these could lead to a downward spiral in which users over time increasingly extreme views get presented.

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