Intel Socket 1700: New mainboards with alternative chipsets

Cheaper Socket 1700 motherboards are coming soon

For the Intel Socket 1700 and the Alder Lake CPUs, there are currently only mainboards with the overclocker chipset Z690, which usually cost no less than 180 euros. This makes buying an Alder Lake setting a little less worthwhile in terms of price-performance compared to AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series, especially if you don’t want to overclock anyway. Even overclockers can get started with AMD motherboard models from around 100 euros. Now this week Intel has presented numerous new processors for the Socket 1700, all of them non-K models and therefore not overclockable. With the new CPUs, Socket 1700 motherboards with other chipsets that are not suitable for overclocking and are also cheaper at the same time should come onto the market. Such models cannot currently be ordered in the shops, but all five hardware manufacturers that are widely represented in Germany have already listed corresponding mainboards on their websites or at least published an official announcement. The chipsets B660, H610 and H670 are new, for which we expect offers that are well below 150 euros in the near future. It should be noted that some models require DDR5 RAM, which is currently always sold out. We summarize.

On a promotional website Asus lists the complete current portfolio of Socket 1700 motherboards with models that, as usual, are divided into several series. According to the website, Asus will soon have the following number of new motherboards for the various series at the start of the new chipsets:

  • ROG Strix: Five B660 motherboards
  • TUF Gaming: Five B660 motherboards and one H670 model
  • Prime: Five B660 motherboards and four H610 models
  • In addition, a B660 mainboard for the ProArt series

At ASRock you can go to the Overview website for all mainboards filter for the socket 1700 and then the new chipset. You will see that the manufacturer will offer nine B660 motherboards and four H610 and four H670 models each.

Although Biostar ranks far behind the big four manufacturers Asus, ASRock, Gigabyte and MSI in terms of portfolio alone, there have been a few models from the Taiwanese company to choose from for several years. Two mainboards with the H610 chipset and four B660 models are new for the Socket 1700. You can find these six innovations on the Biostar product website – note: You can only filter for a single chipset at a time

at Gigabyte there is an overview of Socket 1700 models, where you can then filter by chipsets. Gigabyte does not use the H670 chipset – at least for the time being – but with the B660 chipset alone there will be a whopping 24 models, the H610 chipset is represented in six new Gigabyte motherboards.

So far, the new motherboards have not yet landed on the MSI product websites. However, we know from a press release that there will be several B660 and H610 models, and the MSI MAG H670 Tomahawk WIFI DDR4 has also been confirmed.

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