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[기사 본문]

– New character ‘Mai’, optimized to support allies

The PC online survival battle arena ‘Eternal Return’, developed by Nimble Neuron (CEO Nam-Seok Kim) and serviced by Kakao Games (CEO Gye-Hyun Jo), has released the 45th new character ‘Mai’.

The proud fashion designer ‘My’ is a character who can create unique items such as ‘Mithril Crop’ and ‘Phantom Jacket’, and has a good skill composition to support allies.

‘My’ skill is characterized by operating with ‘pattern’, a unique resource, ▲ Passive skill ‘Haute Couture’ that deals additional damage equal to a certain percentage of defense during basic attacks and increases additional defense damage according to the number of ‘pattern’ you have Acquires ‘ ▲ ‘pattern’ while acquiring ‘drape’ that deals damage to enemies within range ▲ ‘pattern’ forms a curtain that minimizes basic attack damage, and when the duration ends, deals damage to enemies within range ‘Shawl Curtain’ ▲Skill ‘Cat Walk’ that creates a shield for yourself while moving to the target, and also creates a shield for allies if the target is an ally. It consists of ‘Exclusive’, which deals damage proportional to the current health.

In addition, for the purpose of updating the game system, a new characteristic was added as a destructive characteristic of ‘strength’, which inflicts additional skill damage when applying a skill to an enemy test subject. In addition, the ‘ER Pass Boost’ event will be held along with improvements in game convenience, such as improving the convenience of item production, improving the friend category function, adding a friend invitation function in user-set battles, reorganizing the loading screen and reducing the maximum loading time.

‘Eternal Return’ is a game in which up to 18 players use various strategic battles to determine the last person or team. Anyone can enjoy the game for free through ‘Daum Game’, and if you enjoy the game at the Kakao Games PC room, you can enjoy free use of all characters and an additional 50% of game money.

Eternal Return KakaoTalk Channels: http://pf.kakao.com/_ryNSK

Eternal Return official website: https://playeternalreturn.com/ko/

Eternal Return Esports Official Channel (Nimble Neuron Official Twitch): https://www.twitch.tv/nimbleneuron

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]