Kakao Games releases new character ‘My’ for ‘Eternal Return’

‘My’, the 45th new character in ‘Eternal Return’, a PC online survival game developed by Nimble Neuron and published by Kakao Games, has been released.

A new test subject ‘Mai’ that uses a whip has been added to ‘Eternal Return’. My is sold for 9,900 A-coin for two weeks after launch, and cannot be selected in Ranked Battles until January 11th.

Mai is a character that uses the unique resource ‘pattern’, and inflicts additional unique damage equal to a certain percentage of defense, and the additional defense damage increases for each pattern acquired.

Patterns can be acquired through skills, and in the case of the ultimate skill, the pattern is consumed to bind and release the target, dealing fixed damage proportional to the current health. When used on an ally, it pulls the target in front of you, puts you in a suppressed state where you do not take damage for 0.5 seconds, and restores HP.

More information about ‘My’ can be found on the official website.

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