Netto sells 55 inch Samsung televisions at the current best price

Samsung 55TU6979: 55-inch TV with 4K resolution. (Image source: Samsung)

If you want to buy a new television set at the start of the new year, you could buy Netto. The Samsung Crystal UHD 55TU6979 is currently being offered there at the absolute best price. Netto now even offers that the old device can be taken with you.

Net sells Samsung televisions for 499 euros

If your television is slowly giving up the ghost or you want to upgrade to a 4K TV, you can benefit from a promotion at Netto. The discounter is currently selling the Samsung Crystal UHD 55TU6979 with 55 inches and 4K resolution for only 499 euros (look at Netto). Since retailers are now obliged to accept old devices, you can have your old television taken with you and do not have to dispose of it elsewhere.

Samsung Crystal UHD 55TU6979 at Net. (Screenshot: GIGA)

Other dealers want significantly more for this model. Amazon, for example, charges 599 euros (look at Amazon). Recently, however, the prices for televisions have risen significantly due to the shortage of chips. 499 euros for a 55-inch 4K TV is a very good price at the moment. A year ago you paid around 50 euros less.

Where are the differences between OLED and LCD displays:

Who Is This Samsung TV Worth Buying For?

Basically for anyone looking for a solid Samsung TV with a not too large screen. You get the 2020 model with a 60 Hz panel, HDR function and a “Game Mode” that was specially developed for use with consoles. The functions for AirPlay2 are also practical, which allows you to can play content from an iPhone or iPad directly to the TV, as well as Alexa as a voice assistant.

Of course, the Samsung TV is a smart TV that connects to the internet and can access the most popular streaming services. With the “Triple Tuner” can also receive classic TV. Samsung has proceeded somewhat sparingly with the connections. There are only 2x HDMI and 1x USB. Other televisions can do more, such as the Hisense 55AE7000F, which Amazon is currently selling for the same price (see Amazon).

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