New boost for e-cars: Ford can hardly keep up

There is obviously great interest among customers in Ford’s e-cars. So big, in fact, that the traditional American manufacturer has to increase capacity even before delivery of the new electric car starts. If you want to access it in the foreseeable future, you have to hurry.

F-150 Lightning: Ford’s new e-car is sold out before the start

Even before the market launch, Ford gets involved in a mess with its new electric flagship, From the manufacturer’s point of view, this is a reason to be pleased. The pre-orders for the electric pick-up F-150 Lightning, which will start this spring, already exceed the total planned annual production.

The output should therefore be at the plant in Chicago will almost be doubled to 150,000 pieces per year (Those: Ford). According to the carmaker, starting today, Thursday, January 6th, the first pre-orderers will be able to convert their reservations into actual orders. With around 200,000 reservations so far, the current annual production is already more than sold out.

Ford’s advance praise for the F-150 Lightning is no coincidence. The original F-150 pick-up is considered to be one of the most popular cars in the USA. It is practically certain that its fully electric version will be well received in the motherland of Tesla.

Ford has already adjusted the delivery strategy accordingly. Orders are accepted in waves. Interested customers should receive an invitation by email over the next few months when it is their turn.

You should know these typical misconceptions about electric cars:

With virtual hiring, however, potential buyers can go away empty-handed. Even those who have reserved before the market launch may have to wait until next year. Anyone who orders an F-150 Lightning in the course of 2022 and no longer receives it this year, Ford promises to be able to switch to future models. How exactly this will work is not yet known.

Switching to the electric car: Ford challenges Tesla

The enormous rush at Ford – production is also to be ramped up with the first electric model Mustang Mach-E – shows once again the strong interest in electric cars. But the traditional manufacturers in particular are losing a lot of feathers during the changeover. In two years, Ford wants to build 600,000 electric cars a year. You give an ambitious goal: Become number 2 in the US electric car market – and then attack Tesla. We are excited.