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– 4 lines of ‘Raven’ that erodes the inside of the enemy and inflicts fatal damage

– Payment of growth support items in the update commemorative event until the 20th

– ‘Raven’ 4 line animation and ‘Raven’ theme song ‘Redemption’ released

Nexon (CEO Lee Jeong-heon) announced on the 6th that Cog (CEO Lee Jong-won) has updated the new former 4 line ‘Revenant’ of ‘Raven’ to ‘Elsword’, an online action RPG developed by Cog (CEO Lee Jong-won).

Through the 1st ‘Venom Taker’, 2nd ‘Mutant Reaper’, and 3rd ‘Revenant’ process, the ‘Raven’ 4 lines that grow and advance to the master stage plant balasia in the enemy and then grow it to erode the enemy’s interior. Boasts an attack skill that inflicts lethal damage.

Nexon will offer ‘ to users who perform new event quests until January 20th.[루리엘] Poru’s foot stamp selection cube’, ‘[루리엘] ‘Exchangeable for Traces of Soul Coupon’, etc.[코보] ‘Mark of Immortality – Raven’ is provided, and as a quest reward, ‘[아리엘] The ultimate secret book’, ‘[아리엘] Growth support items such as ‘Sage’s Magic Stone’ are provided.

In addition, by January 13th, users who log in to the game for more than 30 minutes will be able to meet the 4 lines of ‘Raven’.[코보] ‘Character slot expansion card (1 slot)’ is provided, and ‘Nexon Cash (up to 5,000 won)’ is paid when new users and returning users who have last logged in for more than 30 days by January 20 achieve level 99.

On the other hand, with this update, Nexon has released an animation containing the story of 4 lines of ‘Raven’, a ghost knight who walks the road of revenge, and ‘Raven’ theme song ‘Elsword OST: Redemption’. ‘Redemption’, featuring vocalist Lee Hyuk’s strong and stable shouting, is a song that contains a retrospective and a new commitment to the path ‘Raven’ has walked.

Detailed information about the 4th line of ‘Raven’ and the game of ‘Elsword’ can be found on the ‘Elsword’ official website.

‘Elsword’ official website:

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]