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– 3 teams performed at Namsan Traditional Theater

– Creative performances using Nexon’s representative IP such as ‘Maple Story’, ‘Land of the Wind’, and ‘Kart Rider’

– Recruitment of audience judges including Nexon game users and the general public from January 6th

Nexon Co., Ltd. (CEO Jeong-heon Lee) announced on the 6th that the Nexon Foundation (Chairman Jung-wook Kim) is recruiting an audience judge for the showcase performance of the first ‘Borderless Contest: PLAY Edition’, which will be released on January 20th.

The Borderless Contest is a social contribution project of the Nexon Foundation that aims to spread the cultural content value of games and expand the base of art by supporting experimental art creation using game IP. You can see the performances of the 3 teams selected through the .

The showcase performance will be held for a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes from 7 pm on January 20th, and will be held at Namsan Gugak Center in Seoul.

The three teams participating in the performance are ‘BOSS5’, ‘Play Orchestra’, and ‘Hyundai Yeonhee Prototype21’, respectively. ‘ We plan to present performances that combine IP with various traditional arts such as Korean traditional music orchestra, Madangnori, and Ssitkim-gut.

The Nexon Foundation invites expert judges in the art and game fields to select the final winner through the showcase performance, and recruits an audience judge to allow Nexon game users and the general public interested in traditional art performances to participate in the screening.

Those wishing to participate as an audience judging panel can apply for a showcase performance ticket reservation for free through Naver reservations from January 6, and the audience judging panel selects the final selection through a lottery among applicants.

In addition to supporting the production cost of 50 million won, the team selected as the final winner will be provided with special privileges such as free use of Nexon game IP, rental of the concert hall, and public relations. The final winner will be presented at the main performance in the first half of this year.

Nexon Foundation Chairman Kim Jung-wook said, “I am very happy to introduce works that cleverly realized the meeting of game and traditional art through the first borderless contest as a showcase performance. We will continue to support various attempts to do this.”

Meanwhile, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of domestic online games in 2019, the Nexon Foundation held a convergence exhibition ‘Playing games /invite you_’ that visualizes the past, present, and future of online games, and in 2020, experts from various fields Various efforts have been made to publicize the cultural value of games, such as releasing an online discussion program ‘Borderless: Tiki-taka’s Behind the Scenes’, an online discussion program that shares stories about games.

More details about the 1st Borderless Contest: PLAY Edition can be found on the Borderless website.

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]