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– New level 110 raid battle ‘Dialectic of Death’ opened, and powerful new boss ‘Milred’ appeared

– ‘New Year’s Raid Coupon’ is paid when 14 types of raid battles including new raids are completed

Nexon Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Jeong-heon) updated the fourth season ‘Episode 5: The Secret Wish of the Sun’ in its online action RPG ‘Mabinogi Heroes’ (hereinafter referred to as Ma Young-jeon) on the 6th.

Through this, a new level 110 raid battle ‘Dialectic of Death’ was opened in ‘Tarata Royal Castle’. Here, after defeating ‘Romer’, a confrontation with the king ‘Miled’, who blocked the front of the group of heroes heading to the goddess Maha, takes place.

Milred, who has acquired power beyond human beings, uses the combination of the ‘claw’ in his right hand and the ‘staff’ in his left hand to unleash overwhelming force and magical attacks. In particular, it dominates the battlefield with various attacks targeting the gaps of the heroes during battle, and in the middle of the battle, it opens the ‘gate to another world’ with the power of a fallen god and summons ‘ominous flames’ to threaten the heroes.

To commemorate this update, Nexon will provide an additional opportunity (one time) to launch the ‘Dialectic of Death’ raid battle until the 20th of this month, and ‘New Year’s Raid Supply’ when completing raid battles of level 100 or higher including the ‘Dialectic of Death’ by the 27th. Coupon (1 piece)’ is paid.

The obtained coupons can be used in games such as ‘100% Enchantment Selection Box’, ‘+13 River Resurrection Enhancement Rune’, ‘Milesian Equipment Restoration Refinement Item Selection Box’, ‘Unknown Piece Step 2’ at the exclusive exchange shop. can be exchanged for items.

More information about the game ‘Mabinogi Heroes’ can be found on the official website.

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]