NMedia Platform, Unveils Two New Year’s First Events for PC Room Customers | Ruri Web

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– From January 6th to 20th, the New Year’s ‘Point Receiving’ event will be held and 1,000 points will be provided

– Event linked to the friend recommendation and attendance check function introduced in the Playghetto app

NMedia Platform Co., Ltd. (CEO Song Jae-hwa) announced on the 6th that it had released two New Year’s events for PC room customers belonging to ‘GetO’.

NMedia Platform will hold a ‘Point Reaching’ event to celebrate the ‘Year of the Black Tiger’ in 2022. From the 6th to the 20th of this month, 1,000 points will be paid to all users who newly sign up for the Playghetto app, and an additional 2,022 points will be presented through a lottery (200 people) among the participants.

Then, from the 28th to the 6th of next month, the ‘Kanbu Making Project’ will be held to commemorate the Lunar New Year holiday. When you pass a referral code to a friend using the Refer-a-Friend feature, first introduced in the Playghetto app this year, both the friend and the referrer will receive 1,000 points. 10~10,000 points are provided with a certain probability to participants attending the event during the same period.

NMedia Platform’s Ghetto Live Headquarters Manager Cho Hyun-jung said, “As all points used by participants in this event in the PC room are settled directly to the ghetto member PC room owner, it is expected that it will be helpful to both users and store owners.”

Meanwhile, NMedia Platform is an integrated marketing platform company that supports various infrastructures necessary for PC room operation such as prepayment system and game management system based on the PC room management program ‘Ghetto Manager’. It is expanding its business area into new fields such as ‘The Log’.

More information about the Playghetto event can be found on the Playghetto website.

Playghetto official website: http://www.playgeto.com/

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]