Nokia smartphones: Manager confesses to Android 11

With Android 11, HMD Global has not covered itself with fame. The manufacturer of the current Nokia smartphones had to struggle with delays and even had to pull the plug completely once. In an astonishingly honest interview, a group manager has now discussed the reasons.

When Nokia smartphones landed on the shelves again in 2017, the cheers were great. The fact that the traditional company of yore was not behind the devices, but a Finnish-Chinese startup called HMD Global, did not cloud the nostalgia-fueled joy. Five years later, there is not much left of the festive mood.

Junk updates for Nokia smartphones

There are probably many reasons for this, one of them: Junk updates. HMD Global was one of the flagship companies, especially in the early days, but the Jump from Android 10 to Android 11 left a lot of time and so also lost a lot of trust. The previous low point was the update to Android 11 for the Nokia 9 PureView, which in the end was even completely deleted – contrary to the Android One rules.

The fact that disgruntled owners were offered a 50 percent discount on the purchase of a Nokia XR20 or another smartphone from the X series should have been little consolation – if at all.

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HMD Global’s head of marketing admits failure

Stephan Taylor, who is responsible for marketing at HMD Global, does not find any euphemistic words: “We didn’t have any success with the rollout of Android 11”, so the manager in conversation with Android Authority. Taylor cites this as one of the reasons why the rollout went suboptimally lack of participation of the manufacturer in the Android beta program. An overly diversified product portfolio did not help either.

At least the head of marketing promises improvement for the future. For example, Android 12 is in the beta program and the Nokia X20 has already received the latest Android version. With some smartphones, HMD Global is apparently also working on very unconventional update methods.