One Store, One Story ‘Everyday 1 million won lottery’ encore event held | Ruri Web

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– ‘Every night at 10 PM, One Story’ event extended due to customer support… Expansion of application time and target audience

– 22% discount coupon for games… Available for all games, including popular One Store games

– Hana·Lotte Card 10% billing event… Applied when paying over KRW 50,000 in games and shopping

App Market One Store Co., Ltd. (CEO Jaehwan Lee, announced that it will once again hold an event ‘Every night at 10 PM One Story’ to commemorate the rebranding of the story content service ‘One Story’, which presents a 1 million won department store gift certificate every day.

One Store prepared an encore event to repay the customers’ enthusiastic support for the One Story launch event. To provide opportunities to more people, the application time was increased from 1 hour a day to 12 hours a day, and the target audience was expanded from product buyers to all users. Users who want to participate will receive a free coupon for webtoon and web novel every night at 10 PM, and simply use the coupon to view the recommended works, and they will automatically apply. The winner of the 1 million won gift certificate will be announced on the One Story app at 6 PM every day.

A masterpiece that can only be seen in One Story will also be revealed. One Store is serializing a new fantasy novel titled ‘Jikic Profiler’ by Zakhaev, the author of the popular fantasy genre novel ‘This is the Law’. To commemorate the serialization of the work, the ‘Zakaev Writers Exhibition’ event was also prepared, where you can enjoy the Zakaev fantasy novels at a discount of up to 50% until the end of this month. In addition, various benefits such as free content every 3 hours and free coupons have been prepared.

One Store also prepared a ‘Fortune Cookie Promotion’ to share goodwill with users in the New Year. Until the 6th of this month, users can receive a 22% discount coupon that can be used for all games along with Fortune Cookie’s blessings. Any One Store member can participate once a day, and the coupon can be used until midnight on the day of payment.

One Store Shopping also offers a 10% discount on purchases made with Hana Card or Lotte Card for the month of January. Users can apply the benefits up to 50,000 won per person only once, and can purchase popular products such as Nintendo Switch at a discounted price.

On the other hand, a variety of new games are getting a favorable response from users in the One Store. A typical example is BiliBili’s ‘Minius: A Small but Amazing Adventure’. Minneas is a collectible RPG that collects and nurtures figures composed of various role groups, such as defensive and assault types. In addition, Icebird Games’ ‘Legend of Mir 2: Memories of Mir’ is attracting users with its gameability and easy access that has gathered the emotions of ‘The Legend of Mir 2’, and ‘Dragonion’ of Nice Play (9Splay) is It is a fantasy MMORPG with cartoon-style illustrations, and beautiful graphics made with 3D motion capture add to the fun of users.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]