Pokémon GO: Event “Mountains of Power” starts – all information about activation

With “Mountains of Power” a new event is coming up at Pokémon Go: It will be activated on January 7th at 10 am. You then have until January 13th to let off steam in the activities. With the start, for example, special research on the season of origin is entering a new round. “Spark had a feeling that the second mechanism of the mysterious door could be unlocked with the help of Rock and Steel Pokémon. Embark on a journey through landscapes reminiscent of the mountains of the Johto and Sinnoh regions, and is working with Spark to unlock the next mechanism, “writes Niantic on the announcement.

These Shinys are there

Additional event bonuses are also waiting for you. So the distance for buddy hearts is halved by going for a walk. In addition, “Mountains of Power” will be accompanied by a temporary research in which you have to catch Pokémon, hatch eggs and earn buddy candy. As soon as you complete the tasks, you will meet Flunkifer and Tanhel. Those who diligently roam the wilderness will encounter Zubat, Schmerbe, Nasgnet and Kleinstein at the event.

Mega raids for the first time with Mega-Aerodactyl

With a bit of luck you will also meet Onix and Kastadur – also in their respective shiny forms. In the raid battles of level 1 you will meet Bronzel, Tanhel, Onix and Alola-Kleinstein, while on level 3 you will face Ursarin, Donphan, Meditalis and Absol. At level 5 Heatran is on the way, in the mega raids mega aerodactyl is waiting for you for the first time. For the completion of field research tasks, encounters with Alola-Kleinstein and Schneckmag beckon. Flunkifer (also called Shiny) is also on the way.

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