TESO: Bethesda teasers a big new world in the cinematic trailer

Bethesda Softworks announces a whole new story for in a new stormy cinematic trailer The Elder Scrolls Online on. According to the developers, a “never-before-seen world, stories and cultures” are to be introduced into the extensive story of the online role-playing game.

Mysterious teaser trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online

What and where exactly this new world will be is not yet known. For now, Bethesda developers have one Cinematic-Trailer published, which provides some guesswork on the part of the fans. You can take a closer look at the teaser yourself below.

TESO: Cinematic teaser gives an outlook on the year 2022 in Tamriel

Be in the movie teaser three ships shown, each of which presumably represents one of the three factions of The Elder Scrolls Online. You set sail and approach a rocky coast at the end of the trailer. They are observed by someone mysterious figure in heavy armor.

Bretons in the new extension of TESO?

on Reddit it is speculated that in the new extension Bretons will appear. For the fans, the geography of the trailer excerpts shown fits the Elder Scrolls people. your Home province of Hochfels is the northwesternmost province of Tamriel. A peninsula with a long coastline, with a lot of rocky rugged terrain and a number of islands.

But there is more information the armor of the unknown characterwho awaits the arrival of the foreign ships in the trailer. In a report by PCGamer it is discussed that the armor is a Symbol shows that in The Elder Scrolls Online can only be found in a comparable armor of the Bretons.

You can find it on the “Unofficial Elder Scrolls”-Seite. It is probably a heavy orichalcum armor.

When will you get more information about the new TESO chapter?

The developers haven’t yet revealed exactly where the journey will take players, but fans don’t have to wait too long for new information.

Am January 27, 2022 it will be at 9 p.m. German time official unveiling the new Elder Scrolls adventure Twitch.tv/Bethesda give. These should keep the players in suspense throughout the year.

Are you right with the assumptions, or do you think the new expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online will go to a different location?

Those: PCGamer

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