The Last of Us: remake and multiplayer this year?

For some time now there have been rumors about a remake of The Last of Us for the PS5. It shouldn’t be a simple upgrade, but rather a new edition that is to make use of the special features and features of the PlayStation 5. An official announcement has not yet been made, but a leaker is now providing interesting information.

Where do the details come from?

the well-known insider and leaker Tom Henderson recently posted some brand new updates on The Last of Us brand on Twitter. He cites some unspecified sources. It is therefore not possible to finally estimate how credible the information is. However, Henderson has proven to be a reliable leaker several times in the past.

What does the leaker say about the remake?

According to Henderson, he heard from several people that working on the remake of The Last of Us (buy now € 69.99) are almost complete. Therefore, a release for the PS5 is in prospect in the second half of 2022. However, he could not or did not want to give a specific date.

Also details about the multiplayer of The Last of Us 2

Tom Henderson also had some information about the planned multiplayer offshoot of The Last of Us 2 and the Director’s Cut in his luggage. He had heard from them that they should definitely appear, but he was unable to find any information about the type or time of publication. Both titles, in his opinion, could be used by Sony to create the hype for the HBO series.

Those: Twitter

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