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– Webzen ‘Mu Online’, ‘Invite friends’ and ‘Summon lucky tiger’ events for the New Year in 2022

– You can acquire items such as ‘Mule Egg’ and ‘Stone Stone’ by hunting the ‘Green Tiger’ monster with the ‘New Year’s Summon’.

– Premium Mune ‘Tiger’ and general Mune ‘Toby’ and ‘Lycan’ added and basic stat increase benefits

Webzen (CEO Tae-young Kim, http://company.webzen.com)’ PC MMORPG ‘Mu Online’ prepared various New Year’s events for the new year of 2022.

Webzen will commemorate the ‘Im In-Year (壬寅年)’ on ‘Mu Online’ today (January 6), and ‘Friends! Let’s fly together!’ Events and the ‘Summon Lucky Tiger’ event that provides high-quality items will start.

First, Webzen will hold the ‘Invite Friends’ event until January 27th. If you enter the server and character name of the friend you want to invite on the event page, an invitation and return gift will be sent automatically. If 2 of the invited friends purchase the ‘Friend Package’, ‘+13’ [귀속] The third wing (luck) is presented.

At this time, members who can be invited to ‘Mu Online’ are only those who have no history of accessing the game from December 20, 2021 to January 2, 2022, or registered after January 3, 2022.

At the same time, Webzen will also hold an event called ‘Welcome to the Sun of the Black Tiger’ for the new year.

First of all, ‘With the Lucky Black Tiger!’, where you can obtain the ‘New Year’s Summon’, will be held until January 20th. You can obtain game items such as ‘Sandwich Stone’ and ‘Jewelry Item’ by killing monsters in various hunting grounds and summoning the event monster ‘Green Tiger’ with the ‘New Year Summon Scroll’ obtained at a certain probability.

In particular, if you visit the Chaos Goblin and combine the ‘New Year’s Summon Scroll’ to strengthen it into a higher-grade ‘New Year’s Summon Scroll (Rank 2~4)’, depending on the rank, ‘Mule Egg’, ‘Blessing Jewel’, ‘Condor’s Feather’ You can also obtain advanced items such as

Webzen also adds ‘Mune’, which is effective in increasing the character’s stats. If you equip Premium Mune ‘Tiger’ and Normal Mune ‘Toby’ and ‘Lycan’, the character’s basic abilities increase depending on the specific day of the week and level. After acquiring mues, basic abilities are improved for 30 days, enabling efficient hunting.

In addition, ‘Mu Online’ will hold a partnership event with the beer brand ‘Tsingtao’ by using the character brand ‘Webzen Friends’ using the ‘MU’ IP until February 28th.

For more information about the ‘New Year’s Event’ of Webzen’s representative game ‘Mu Online’, visit the official website (http://www.muonline.co.kr/) can be found in

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]