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– 1/6, Webzen’s ‘Mu Origin 3’ teaser site showed a teaser video featuring major characters

– MU IP game’s first ‘Unreal Engine 4’ to secure excellent graphics and flight system

– ‘Mu Origin 3’ is preparing for a closed test for general gamers by supplementing in-house test results

Webzen (CEO Tae-young Kim, http://company.webzen.com) opened a teaser site for the new mobile MMORPG ‘MU Origin 3’.

Webzen is today (January 6) the teaser site for ‘Mu Origin 3’ (http://muorigin3.webzen.co.kr/teaser) released a teaser video and part of game information such as BI (Brand Identity).

In the teaser video for ‘Mu Origin 3’, major characters such as black magicians, black knights, and fairies who fight against the forces of evil appear. Each character’s colorful skill effects and battle scenes are expressed in high-definition 3D images, giving you a glimpse into the world view of the game.

The new ‘Mu Origin 3’ is a mobile MMORPG that greatly improved the quality of graphics by making it with ‘Unreal Engine 4’ for the first time among ‘MU’ IP games. It is the latest work in the long-selling ‘Mu Origin’ series, and the flight system was introduced for the first time in the series.

The wing system, a unique feature of the ‘MU’ IP game, has a flying function added to it, and the use of wings has grown. You can decorate your character’s appearance with wings, and you can freely explore the open world in the game by flying over the sea, land, and air.

In addition, ‘Mu Origin 3’ has a variety of contents that take advantage of the fun of MMORPGs. In addition to ‘Boss Raid’, ‘Siege Battle’ and ‘Guild Content’ to enjoy cooperatively with guild members, the farming factor to acquire various equipment and items while enjoying the game has greatly increased compared to the previous work.

The core content ‘Abyss Battlefield’ also contains the fun of large-scale competition. In the Abyss, where users of all servers gather, there is a separate dispute area from the territory of each server. Here, members of each server can unite and compete fiercely with other servers.

Webzen has completed in-house testing of ‘Mu Origin 3’ and is preparing a game service with the goal of releasing it in the first quarter of this year (2022). In the near future, we will also conduct a closed test in which general gamers participate.

Meanwhile, the previous works ‘Mu Origin’ and ‘Mu Origin 2’ were released in the domestic market in 2015 and 2018, respectively, and were very popular. In particular, ‘Mu Origin’ achieved the first place in popularity and sales in the three major domestic app markets right after its release, opening the heyday of domestic mobile MMORPGs.

For more information on Webzen’s new mobile game ‘Mu Origin 3’, visit the official teaser site (http://muorigin3.webzen.co.kr/teaser) can be found in

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]