What does the “Doomer” meme mean and where does it come from?

There’s no getting around memes on social media. A recurring motif is the “doomer” meme. But what does that mean?

The Doomer is represented by a figure who is known as “Wojak” in the “Meme” universe in different variants. In this form, the character looks very dark, has a serious expression and dark clothes. Sometimes he’s unshaven and unkempt. A cigarette in the corner of your mouth is also part of the appearance of the doomer meme. There is also a “Doomer Girl”.

What does the “Doomer” meme mean?

The term “doomer” is derived from the English word “doom”. Behind this is not only the legendary shooter series, but also the English word for “Downfall“, „fate” or “Doom“. The word is derived from the very popular “boomer” meme.

As the name and appearance suggest, the “Doomer” stands for a pessimistic person who has a dreary worldview. Doomers are in their mid-twenties and worry about all kinds of problems. They are particularly shocked by global conflicts that they cannot do anything about themselves. These include, for example, climate change, overpopulation or raw material crises. Doomers also often regret their own life situation. You don’t want to point out grievances in order to save the world, but just feel sorry for yourself and soak up the bad general situation.

“Doomer” Memes: Origins and Examples

A doomer walks through the world hopelessly and without perspective. Usually he is single and distances himself from society. So it collects all Weltschmerz in itself and is shaped by negativity. Check out some examples of Doomer-themed memes on Twitter and Reddit:

On Twitter, the term is also used without the associated image to indicate a pessimistic situation:

For the first time, Doomers appeared in net culture in front of a large audience in the 4chan forum on. There, in response to the “Boomer” meme, various other “-oomer” variants were presented in a thread, including “Zoomer” and “Bloomer”. Already in 2008 was the expression in forums of “Peaknik“Forums are used in discussions on the topic of” Peak Oil “. In the „Peak Oil“-Theorie there are projections of when the world’s oil reserves will be exhausted. Supporters of the aforementioned forum see the end of society as we know it today at this point in time.

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