»What, GameStar is being sued?« – Stay Forever on GameStar 11/2003

Halo reached the PC almost two years late – not the only annoyance of the GameStar 11/2003 issue.

In terms of content, the GameStar issue 11/2003 will not go down in history. A classic, Halo, appeared on the cover, but it was released on the PC almost two years late. Microsoft just preferred the Xbox back then. The test topics don’t tear up any attention trees either: Briefly raise your hand, who still benevolently remembers Commandos 3 or Empires: The Modern Era?

On closer inspection, however, two events of great significance reveal themselves:

  • First, for the first and only time in the magazine’s history, GameStar was sued over a test result and asked to issue a rectification.
  • Second, an inconspicuous trainee named Michael Graf joined the editorial team at the time and was dispatched to check the test result in question.

Not the only reason for Micha to wonder where he had gotten into. Together with Gunnar Lott and Christian Schmidt from Stay Forver, he looks back on his traumatic first edition in the podcast.

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  • For example, that his first test article, written with a lot of heart and soul, should be Space Colony (so much about the weak test topics of this issue) has been cut in half (!) by heartless magazine planners to make room for lame previews.
  • Or the thing with Homeworld 2, which Micha was not allowed to test despite his proven Homeworld expertise, and which was also fobbed off with a ridiculous test page. Homeworld 2! The (for Micha) interesting test in the whole issue!

IYou can tell there is a lot to talk about. This special edition of Stay Forever is correspondingly long, so take an hour and a half to listen to it.

And if you like, you can leaf through the 11/2003 issue with us, which is available in the GameStar magazine archive.

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