Will Instabox be the better parcel service?

The word component “Insta” in Instabox promises speed. If the Swedish company can keep its promises, parcel services such as DHL, Hermes or DPD should do a lot. But whether the service can also gain a foothold in Germany depends on several factors.

The packages from Instabox should be delivered quickly, easily and “green”. In addition, the Swedish parcel service promises on its Website Satisfied customers and less hassle for the support of the senders. Most importantly, parcels should arrive on the same day. In Holland Instabox has taken over the parcel service “Red je Pakketje” and now the German market is to be conquered.

There are also differences between the well-known parcel services:

How does Instabox work?

Basically, the company name contains everything you need to know about the parcel service: “Insta” stands for speed and “Box” for the parcel boxes that are delivered to. These are similar to the DHL packing stations that can now be found almost everywhere. However, in some cases delivery should also be made to your home.

In order for this to work, Instabox will probably concentrate on a few selected dealers as well as densely populated areas. Abroad, the company already delivers parcels from Amazon, Ikea and H&M. Various delivery pharmacies are also among the shops that Instabox support. German partners are currently being sought. This also applies to the Instabox packing stations that are to be set up in participating shops.

At the beginning Instabox wants to supply the big cities of Berlin and Hamburg as well as the metropolitan areas in North Rhine-Westphalia. Logistics centers in Berlin and Düsseldorf are to take over the distribution. For the packing stations at the other end of the chain, stores are currently being sought that still have the necessary space.

  • In the future, you will be able to choose fast delivery by Instabox as the shipping method at some retailers.
  • You will then receive an SMS message with a tracking link and a PIN. The latter is used for collection in a parcel box.
  • You are not limited to a fixed parcel box, but can also have your goods delivered to other boxes that are more convenient for you in the daily routine.

In order for parcels to really arrive on the same day, a few factors have to be right:

  • The orders have to be received by a certain time, i.e. by noon.
  • The distances between the dealer, logistics center and customer must not be too great. That requires a dense logistics network.

And even that would mean that most parcels end up at the recipient’s or in a parcel box in the evening, which doesn’t necessarily have to be an advantage.

Will Germany accept Instabox?

The “green delivery” argument is a good one – but DHL has been showing the competition successfully for some time now. In Germany, customers want above all:

  • Fast, reliable delivery: Complaints about the competition never stop. Parcels disappear, wander around the country and the parcel carriers are unreliable and unfriendly.
  • Good price: If a German has the choice between today’s or tomorrow’s delivery, the price also decides. If the daily delivery is more expensive, then he will probably also wait until tomorrow.
  • Convenience: Even if DHL’s Packstations are well received and have already proven their usefulness, many still prefer home delivery. The packing stations must be easily accessible and that requires a dense network of partners.

In order for the Instabox concept in Germany to even begin to work, major investments and preparatory work are necessary. The company was able to establish itself in the Netherlands through the purchase of a large competitor. That should be more difficult here.

At the same time, for example, in the Instabox reviews on Facebook to see that it doesn’t work any better there than with the competition. Unfriendly parcel carriers, missing parcels, deliveries that are still on their way after several days and customer service does not respond. And that only applies to the Instabox mother country Sweden with only around 10 million inhabitants.

The technology behind Instabox doesn’t seem to be perfect either:

It’s good when the German parcel services finally get headwind from a clever competitor. The time to come will show whether Instabox can keep its promises or take over.

What do you think of online shopping?

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