‘14.2 billion views’ Kakao Enter Super IP ‘Level up alone’ NFT first issue Clip Drops launched on the 12th

Kakao Entertainment (CEO Jinsoo Lee, Seongsu Kim) recorded 14.2 billion views in the global Super IP ‘Level Up Alone’ (original Chugong, adaptation Hyeongun, painting Jang Seongrak (REDICE STUDIO), DNC Webtoon Biz) NFT (Non-Replaceable Token) ) will be introduced for the first time on the 12th. The combination of the legendary IP Nahon Rep, which is loved all over the world, and NFT, which is in the spotlight as a future asset, raises great expectations.

Kakao Entertainment announced on the 7th that Nahon Rep NFT will be sold for 12 hours from 9 am on the 12th through ‘Klip Drops’, a limited edition digital artwork distribution service operated by Ground X. Nahon Rep, which depicts the process of being reborn as the world’s strongest hunter while solving quests like a role-playing game, is the weakest protagonist in each of Kakao Entertainment’s markets, such as North America, Japan, Greater China and ASEAN, and has created a new genre called ‘K Webtoon’. It is an IP imprinted globally.

# Nahon Reb, NFT characteristic guess moving animation in the form produce, premium maximization

The NFT related to Nahon Rep, which will be released this time, consists of two works, the main work and the sub work. All of these were produced in the form of moving animations, not static images, in order to increase the premium of the limited edition while utilizing the characteristics of digitally traded NFTs.

First, the main work is the last scene of the final episode of Nahon Rep, which was released exclusively on Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon on December 30th. Seong Jin-woo, the main character who saved the world, faces the heroine Cha Hae-in. This picture implied the theme consciousness of Nahon-rep, which completed the long journey of about 4 years based on webtoon standards, and conveys the final lingering aftertaste of the legendary webtoon, which set a phenomenal record of global 14.2 billion views with webtoon/web novel alone. A total of 100 main NFTs are issued, and each work can be purchased with 500 KLAY coins.

Another one is an animation of a cut from Episode 172 of Nahon Rep. It is a scene containing the aura of Seong Jin-woo, who was reborn as the strongest hunter in the work by defeating powerful enemies one after another. A total of 200 NFTs are issued and sold for 100 clay coins per work. Users who purchase Nahon Rep NFTs can freely trade NFTs with other collectors in the market within Clip Drops.

This Nahon Rep NFT will be presented at the Clip Drops 1D1D (One Day One Drop) corner, which introduces only one creator per day. The illuminating star creator is writer Jang Seong-rak, who drew the webtoon Nahon Rep. Writer Jang Seong-rak, who ignited the global Nahon-rep syndrome by unraveling the web novel Nahon-rep boasting a detailed fantasy worldview with dynamic sketches, was praised by critics as “opening a new chapter in the action fantasy comics genre”, and to global fans “ He received praises such as “ever-time-best directing ability” and “overwhelming drawing”.

# Kakao Entertainment, “premium IPWow new technology Combination sold out, 2car Creation trend I will lead

This project, the first collaboration between Kakao Entertainment and Ground X, is meaningful as an example of creating synergy between the Kakao community. In particular, it has great significance in that Nahon Rep, which is considered a symbol of K-Webtoon, and NFT, a digital asset that is in the spotlight around the world, are combined. As another transformation of webtoon IP, which has been transformed into various forms such as movies, dramas, and games, the goal is to develop more diverse IP businesses in the future.

A Kakao Entertainment official said, “Nahon Rep, which has recorded an amazing record of 14.2 billion times worldwide, and NFT, a digital asset representative token, have common keywords such as ‘global’, ‘rarity’, and ‘premium’.” is important in that it qualitatively innovates the secondary creation trend of existing webtoons such as movies, dramas, games, and animations. Kakao Entertainment will significantly increase the individual IP life cycle and take the industrial scale one step further by focusing on the convergence of IP and new technologies at the forefront of the industry.”

Meanwhile, on Kakao Page, to commemorate the completion of Nahon Rep, a user appreciation event will be held in which 100 million won in cash is distributed to all users who read episode 20 of Nahon Rep by 10 pm on the 7th. Klip Drops, featuring Nahon Rep NFT, can be found in Klip, a digital asset wallet on KakaoTalk.

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