Achieving 500,000 pre-registrations for the game ‘Three Kingdoms WAR’ in collaboration with scholars of the Three Kingdoms

Akasor Games(ACS GAMES CO.,LTD, Representative Lee Cheong)‘Erase the Three Kingdoms’ is a new mobile strategy game developed and serviced by the company.(Three KingdomsWAR)‘ number of pre-orders 50have reached ten thousand 7day said.

‘Erase the Three Kingdoms(Three KingdomsWAR)‘ is a mobile created in collaboration with famous scholars of the Three Kingdoms. SLGas, Unreal4 developed as an engine, Realistic backgrounds and tricks, weather, Boasts highly immersive strategic elements such as disease suppression.

Number of pre-orders 50Achieving 10,000 people is approx. 2As a result of the week, past 29from day CBTIt is analyzed that the overwhelming graphics that can be checked through and the image of a longevity expressed with motion capture technology have raised expectations..

The number of advance reservations from the company 50As we crossed ten thousand SSRCoins including ‘Kangyu’, a class master, skill points, gem, Hwagwangjae Tax(skin) We plan to provide additional payments to all participants..

Pre-booking for ‘Erase the Three Kingdoms’ is available on Google Play and Apple App Store., For all participants, a gem and SRSupport for smooth early development by providing a longevity review.

In addition, if you complete the official pre-reservation and store pre-reservation and authenticate to the official cafe, the Galaxy WITHflip3, Galaxy Watch4, Special gifts such as Jo Ja-ryong figures will be given out..

At the same time, on the pre-order page, the total 1A pre-confederation recruitment event is being held for the scramble to scramble for the ‘Governing World’ Luoyang, which will be held for a prize of 100 million won..

Meanwhile, ‘Erase the Three Kingdoms’ aims to be officially released in the first half of this year., last year 12month 29from about 2week CBTThe final quenching is in progress to improve the completeness, such as checking the stability before official service..

More details can be found on the official website..

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