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Today, Respawn and EA revealed the Apex Legends Dark Abyss event, which runs from January 11th to February 1st PT. Dark Abyss includes a new arena map, new themed cosmetic items, and a variety of flash events.

All updated content can be found below:

# New Arena Map: Habitat – One of the smallest islands in the New Antillian Archipelago, Habitat 4, is best known as the breeding ground for Leviathan after an initial IMC research group was surprised to find large numbers of Leviathan individuals flocking to the island. It is also an area where the behavioral patterns of living things are studied. Filled with exciting terrain that has eroded and transformed over time, Habitat 4 is home to a large waterfall with caves and nests located high up on the other side of the island. The new map allows for quick slide movement, giving Legends the opportunity to quickly support their team when they are split or outnumbered.

# Flash Events – Every week, Legends can complete challenges to earn new unique rewards and badges. Key rewards include Apex packs, holo sprays, skins, and more.

# New Themed Cosmetics – Unlock themed cosmetic items that turn Legends into abyssal horrors. Players can purchase Legendary skins for Ashe, Horizon, Lifeline, and Fuse.

# Dark Abyss Pack – Players can earn Dark Abyss Pack for a limited time for 400 Apex Coins to unlock cosmetic items, weapon amulets, reward trackers, and more. This pack guarantees to unlock one non-duplicate Dark Abyss-themed event item and can also be crafted by acquiring metal materials.

For more information on the Apex Legends Dark Abyss event, check out today’s official website post:

official website: https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends/news/dark-depths-event

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