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– BenQ, No. 1 domestic market share for educational electronic boards in the third quarter of 2021

– ClassroomCare™ certification program continues to increase while breaking through the 160th store

BenQ, a global display brand (branch manager Yun-seok So. announced that it has achieved the first place in the domestic market share of educational electronic boards based on sales performance in the third quarter of 2021. According to the data for the third quarter of 2021 released by FutureSource Consulting, a global research company, BenQ took the lead in the domestic educational electronic board display market and ranked first in market share.

BenQ Electronic Blackboard RP02 Series and Semi-Premium Electronic Blackboard RM02 Series have been adopted by many schools, private institutes, and educational facilities and are being used for online and offline education. The Classroom Care™ certification program, which was operated by BenQ for electronic board buyers, also maintained the increase in subscriptions and reached the 160th store in 2021.

BenQ Electronic Blackboard supports writing directly on educational materials such as PDF files, and also supports screen capture and split screen functions to ensure continuity of lectures for teachers and students. In addition, it is equipped with a screen recording function and a video application, so if you connect an Android cam, you can easily organize remote classes, non-face-to-face video conferences, and online lectures. The ClassroomCare™ function, which consists of an antibacterial screen, eye protection function, and air quality measurement (RP02 only) function, helps create a healthier learning environment.

BenQ Electronic Blackboard Sales Team Leader Jeon Byung-yeol said, “More than 60% of all purchasers have chosen BenQ Electronic Blackboard as an educational facility, based on differentiated functions for teaching and learning.” “From lecture usability to integrated management system If you choose the BenQ Electronic Blackboard, which also provides unified service, you will never regret it,” he said, expressing confidence in the product.

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Reporter Yoo Dong-shik [email protected]