Bitter for e-car drivers: Those who bought early are now faced with a problem

Anyone who switched to an e-car early on will soon see difficulties. Because a well-known problem with electric cars is approaching: Over time, the battery runs out, the exchange is pending – or the vehicle is resold. But owners are faced with a Herculean task.

No chance in sales: Hardly anyone wants used e-cars

Anyone who has ever wondered after a few years that the cell phone battery suddenly loses performance noticeably knows the problem that electric cars also face: Batteries are not made to last, their capacity decreases over the years . The older an e-car, the weaker the battery.

What you can then do as an owner is dig deep into your pocket. If the battery drops excessively, drivers can contact the manufacturer, who guarantee a certain capacity for years. But if the guarantee does not apply, it becomes expensive – after all, the battery is still the most expensive component in an electric car.

Many German drivers are used to the days of combustion engines: If repairs become expensive, you can still sell on and buy a new car yourself. However, this option is practically non-existent with e-cars: in a survey by Civey only 29 percent of those surveyed said that a used electric car would be an option for them (Source: Automobilwoche via Elektroauto News). 55 percent, on the other hand, would only buy new electric vehicles.

We have put together a small, basic battery customer for you in the video:

Battery insecurity and new car subsidies are pushing down the prices of e-cars in resale

The used car market for e-cars is facing several problems: The lack of clarity about the condition of the battery is causing little interest from potential buyers and low prices – especially the older the vehicles are. The first generation of e-cars is likely to become practically unsalable shortly.

When it comes to new cars, the industry is relying on ever more efficient batteries with high performance and range – another reason to buy new ones because older ones can’t keep up. Funding also plays a role here. It is not impossible to get funding for a used vehicle, but the chance is minimal. Consumer protection is therefore calling for e-car subsidies to be fundamentally revised. Until then, owners of an e-car will have to put up with the fact that the value of the electric car will fall quickly and deeply.