Call of Duty Warzone: Player frustrated with playlist criticism after update

Player of Call of Duty Warzone complain about the current playlist updatewhich went live on Thursday. After the update, for example, Vanguard Royale can be played in solos, duos and trios, quads are possible with Vanguard Resurgence. The classic battle royale, on the other hand, can currently only be played with quads. Some players don’t like it at all and criticize the obvious compulsion to play the Vanguard modes. “I can understand pushing the players into Vanguard modes to sell the game. But, oh man, it’s frustrating not to be able to play the regular Battle Royale in solos, duos or trios,” writes user “pjaywhy ” on Reddit.

Leveling up the Vanguard weapons is a nightmare

User “daays” adds: “Absolutely. My group refuses to play Vanguard because leveling up the Vanguard weapons is an absolute nightmare. The result: I haven’t played for about a month.” Pjaywhy replies that some of his friends don’t own a Vanguard and that sort of thing prevents them from playing Warzone unless they can get a four-player team together. “Wilmerrr” adds that even with double XP it takes two to three hours to play a weapon in Vanguard to a reasonably usable level. “I think that’s the real problem: how long it takes to level up Vanguard weapons,” the user writes.

Only quads in standard battle royale

In den Vanguard-Modi von Call of Duty Warzone (buy now 42.01 €) Only weapons, equipment and vehicles from Vanguard are allowed. So players cannot access the other weapons and equipment that they have earned over the years in the Battle Royale shooter. Everything is allowed in the standard BR mode, but the variant is currently limited to quads. So if you want to play alone or as a couple, take a look at the tube here. the Fan site Charlie Intel hopes that Raven Software listens to the criticism of the players – and offers the standard BR battles again in the future for solos, duos and trios. Just yesterday we reported about a new update that removed an invisibility bug from Warzone.

Warzone: The current playlist

  • Vanguard Royale
  • Vanguard Resurgance
  • Battle Royale
  • Plunder
  • Resurgence

Call of Duty: Warzone – Launch-Trailer zum Pazifik-Update

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