CES 2022: The hardware innovations from the gaming area

Despite the Covid 19 pandemic, which was intensified again by the Omikron variant, the CES electronics fair took place with an audience from January 5th to 7th, and many thousands came. Many observers have criticized this type of gambling that takes place in Las Vegas. Admittedly, there were conditions and there were significantly fewer visitors and exhibitors than before the pandemic.

But despite protective measures, some large companies such as Amazon, Meta (Facebook) and T-Mobile stayed away from the fair or only sent a few representatives to Las Vegas. We don’t want to worry so much about the circumstances surrounding the electronics fair, but more about the content. Of course, as a gaming website, we concentrate on what hardware and accessories that are of interest to gamers have to do with the CES.

CES 2022 – hardware innovations for gamers

This involves products that were newly presented and announced at CES, whereby by “within the framework” we also mean things where companies may only use the CES as an occasion for an announcement and were rather passively or not at all represented at the CES. The relevant product groups we are concerned with are primarily graphics cards, CPUs, mainboards as well as notebooks, monitors and peripherals.

Intel: Something new for Alder

Intel presented numerous new CPUs from the Alder Lake family for the Socket 1700, especially Core i-12000 models. All new processors are non-K models, so they cannot be overclocked. So far, there have only been three K models for the Socket 1700, which has been available since November 2021, or to be more precise: six K models. Because each of the three CPUs with a freely selectable multiplier is also available as a KF version without a built-in graphics unit.

A promotional picture of Intel’s Alder Lake family

Those: Intel

The new desktop CPUs for the Socket 1700 are mainly Core i CPUs starting with the Core i3-12100 and 12000F. Mobile versions of the 12000 series are also new in Intel’s portfolio – but of course the Core i desktop models are important to us, as they are suitable for new purchases or upgrading a gaming PC – we list them in this news the new desktop models of interest to gamers.

The Core i5-12400 or 12400F appears to be particularly interesting. The Core i5-10400F for the 1151 socket has been our tip for many months if you don’t want to spend more than 200 to 250 euros. It currently costs less than 150 euros and has never been more than 170 euros, at least not in the long term. The Core i5-11400F, on the other hand, is a bit more powerful, but was always too expensive for the small increase in performance.

The Core i5-12400F could bring such a big performance gain in games that even a price of over 200 euros could be more than justified. But other new Socket 1700 CPUs are also interesting for gamers who do not want to overclock, for example the Core i7-12700F.

Above all, there will soon be mainboards with other chipsets than the overclocker chipset Z690, so that entry into the Socket 1700 will probably be possible with a mainboard from 80 to 100 euros instead of the previous 180 euros. We offer more information about the new mainboards on the next page.

Incidentally, the new Socket 1700 CPUs are already available in stores, although availability may still fluctuate in some cases over the next few weeks. As soon as there are enough tests from specialist editors, we will also create a special that classifies the new CPUs in terms of price-performance.

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One of the innovations at CES is the AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT, here the Phantom Gaming D 4GB OC from ASRock [Quelle: Gigabyte]