City Labs, mobile MMORPG ‘Taego M’ launched in cloud-based ‘KT Gamebox’ | Ruri Web

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– “Considering the increase in demand for ‘stay at home’ due to the spread of non-face-to-face culture… It will be an opportunity to expand user contact points.”

City Labs (139050), a KOSDAQ-listed company, has confirmed that KT’s cloud-based game service platform ‘GameBOX’ has entered the traditional oriental MMORPG (multiple access role playing game) ‘Taego M’, which is scheduled to be officially serviced this month.

The strategy is to expand service channels to secure potential users as expectations for the box office are rising, such as exceeding 500,000 pre-registrations ahead of the official service.

KT’s ‘Gamebox’ provides users with 120 game services by running streaming games through a cloud server. Service subscribers have been evaluated as significantly improving access to the game market, which has been limited to console devices, by allowing users to enjoy various games immediately without any restrictions by simply installing apps or accessing web pages on smartphones, IPTVs, and PCs.

‘Taego M’ is the first published game of City Labs, which launched a game market entry as a new business last year. ‘Taego M’ developed by Gaia Mobile was first released in 2020 based on rich content that users can enjoy according to their tastes, such as stories, raids, and PVPs, It was a box office hit within the top 5.

City Labs CEO Cho Young-joong said, “As the number of potential customers in the game market is increasing against the background of the recent increase in demand for ‘Zipcock’ due to the spread of non-face-to-face culture, KT Game Box will be opened for users of ‘Taego M’, which is about to be officially serviced. It will be an opportunity to expand the contact points more widely.” “We are considering ways to continuously increase user contact points in various ways during the remaining period until the official service, and also respond to the high interest and expectations from the pre-booking stage. We will continue to prepare for the launch of the game without any setbacks so that we can do it.”

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]