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‘101 Path ; the online class platform Class 101 (CEO Ko Ji-yeon) gathered topics with lectures by the industry’s best engineers; 2021 Tech Conference’ Replay VOD launch and full-scale developer recruitment is underway.

‘101 Path held online live last month; In line with the theme of ‘Ask technology and development leaders for career paths’, the 2021 Tech Conference’ will be held with top-tier engineers in the industry, including Class 101, Samsung Electronics, Moloco, Grep, Woowa Brothers, Hackle, and Healing Paper, in 6 fields. Sessions and real-time Q&A were held, as well as lectures and real-time communication.

GREP CEO Im Seong-soo talked about the direction of recruitment, training, and evaluation for true growth of software engineers, and the supporting CTO of Woowa Brothers Vietnam, as non-majors, told how to grow by breaking the boundaries of work, and Hackle Oh-bin Kwon Co- Founder disclosed know-how on career building in each process, such as startups, large corporations, and start-ups.

In addition, Healing Paper VP Engineering Park Jae-young and Samsung Electronics Vice President Jeong Jae-yeon each gave lectures on the topic of organization, conveying in detail the importance and design of organizational retention to protect excellent development talent, and the know-how of operating a global tech organization in a hardware-oriented conglomerate called Samsung Electronics. In addition, Moloco Haden Lee, a researcher at the infrastructure team, shared the story of choosing a career that crosses startups and academia.

This replay VOD, which contains vivid industry behind-the-scenes stories and insights based on the experiences of experts, is being sold at a special price of KRW 9,900 to commemorate the first conference of ‘101 Path’, and has received over 3,000 likes so far, high interest in development and data has proven

As such, Class 101, which not only leads the domestic industry as a representative Edutech company, but is also expanding to global markets in 120 countries around the world, is growing together and is hiring developers to lead the online class platform industry. Currently, we are recruiting experts in various fields such as △Engineering Manager, △Software Engineer, △Android and iOS Developer, and the recruitment process proceeds in the order of document screening-coding test-interview screening.

On the other hand, 101 Path ; 2021 Tech Conference Replay VOD-related details can be found on the Class 101 official website.

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By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]