Disgusting influencer on TikTok: With farts to NFT wealth?

TikTok influencer Stephanie Matto is currently testing an unusual business area: After the lady had already distributed farts in a glass to paying customers, NFT bowel jacks are now ready. These start at a little less than 150 euros – a bargain?

“Fartrepreneurin” is now selling NFTs

The TikTok influencer Stephanie Matto, who describes herself as a “farmer entrepreneur”, has to switch after health problems. After farts in a glass were previously sold for around 1,000 US dollars, the lady is now jumping on the NFT hype. 5,000 Furzglas NFTs are currently on offer, for which interested parties do not have to dig deep into their pockets.

According to their own website, there are NFTs for the equivalent of around 143 euros. In addition, there are fees for the Ether transaction, which are not exactly low. If necessary, 100 of the NFTs can be exchanged for a real glass. Worn underwear is also available if collectors want to swap at least 30 NFTs (source: Gizmodo).

The switch to digital was not that voluntary, reports the influencer, who has more than 100,000 subscribers at TikTok. According to her, health problems have led to more or less saying goodbye to the lucrative fart glasses business (“I overdid it”). At peak times she should around $ 200,000 per month have earned. Doctors have now advised her to drastically change her diet.

How do NFTs actually work? The answer is here:

Fart Entrepreneur: Critics are anti-feminists

According to Matto, her work has drawn a lot of criticism. Critics are there either jealous or anti-feminist hired, she reports: “Everyone is a feminist until a woman starts farting into glasses and selling them.” If you want to build a business like yours, you can pay for access to a private chat group with Zoom meetings in which she passes on her experiences.