Donald Trump is making a Twitter clone: ​​This is what the new platform looks like

Everyone can feel like Trump on the Truth Social platform. (Image source: Unsplash)

Donald Trump’s own social network is taking shape. It is a Twitter clone that is supposed to be all about “the truth”. The start date for “Trump Social” is no longer a secret.

Trump Social: Social network will start shortly

It has long been clear that the former US President Trump is working on his own social media platform. Now is the “Truth Social” app appeared in the app store. It should open its doors on February 21, 2022 and then apparently be available to all interested users. An invitation is still required for the currently running beta test. The operator is the Trump Media and Technology Group.

So far it remains unclear whether there will also be an Android and web version in addition to the iOS version. “Truth Social” has not yet appeared in the Google Play Store. The screenshots for the iPhone version of the social network already show that it is basically a Twitter clone. The design and functions were certainly not chosen by chance, as Twitter was Trump’s favorite platform.

This is how Trump’s own platform is advertised. Image: App Store.

User profiles and posts look just like they do on Twitter. Icons for sharing, favoring, responding, and distributing content are provided. Strangely enough, the app does not contain individual “contributions”, but rather always speaking of “truths”. A retweet is called “re-truth” (source: App Store).

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Trump: Own platform after Twitter excursion

In January 2021, Trump was denied access to several social networks. Its with followers popular accounts on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are no longer available after the Capitol storm on January 6, 2021. After being kicked out, Trump tried his own blog for a short time, but discontinued it due to lack of success.

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