Dr Disrespect claims: “Mixer would still exist with me”

In the summer of 2020, Microsoft gave up its Twitch competitor Mixer surprisingly, even though you only had a few months earlier Ninja and Shroud was able to exclusively bind two important names in the streaming world to itself. In one of his last transmissions he has now Dr Disrespect talked about his negotiations with Microsoft and Mixer. He also had one back then Contract offer are present.

Mixer couldn’t convince Dr Disrespect financially

The doc spoke on his livestream YouTube relatively open about negotiations with Microsoft. Accordingly, those responsible are said to have fought for an obligation from Dr Disrespect. In the end, however, it was the money, which is why there was no signature. How much Microsoft would have paid for Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm is unknown. Ninja and Shroud got about for their deal $ 30 million and $ 10 million receive.

Dr Disrespect believes Mixer would still be around with him

The doc also confidently expressed his worth for the platform, which has now been discontinued. He was convinced that Mixer would still be around with him. It is questionable whether Dr Disrespect would actually have played such a decisive factor for Microsoft and Mixer. Especially because Ninja and Shroud are already two well-known Streamer were on the platform.

Dr Disrespect is now working on a video game

After his mysterious Twitch ban – that soon in court is clarified – Guy Beahm was drawn to Youtube in his role as Dr Disrespect. At the same time, the streamer now has a development studio called Midnight Society founded, which is said to consist of some veterans of Call of Duty and Halo. It wasn’t until this week that a Teaser for the first project revealed.

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