E3 2022 only digital! Is the fair generally about to end?

the E3 2022 will not as On-site exhibition take place, this announced the THAT (Electronic Software Association) in a statement to the web platform GamesBeat an:

Due to the ongoing health risks related to Covid-19 and the corresponding threat to the safety of visitors and exhibitors, E3 2022 will not take place as a physical event“, so die ESA.

This decision can be made with the OmikronVariant of the Covid-19 virus, which was first identified in South Africa last November. A concrete concept for the digital E3 2022 is not yet known, but the focus will probably be on the 2021 trade fair.

The ESA is a lobby association / trade association within the video game industry consisting of various publishers who, among other things, organize the E3.

Between caution and resolution

This decision by ESA initially contradicts Eric Garcetti’s (Mayor of Los Angeles) original wish from last summer to allow the fair to take place on site again in 2022. Even then, ESA was skeptical about a physical event like the last one in 2019. Instead, a hybrid concept was named as an idea for 2022.

There are voices within the industry who are very skeptical of the ESA’s justification. For example, both have Mike chuck as well as Jason Schreier expressed on Twitter that they perceive the Omikron justification as a pretext on the part of the ESA to justify a decision made months ago more effectively. They believe that the E3 may not return at all, at least in its original form.

According to Futter, there were already indications within the industry that E3 in Los Angeles was being canceled in mid-November, before any Omikron reports. Schreier also suspects that ESA generally abandoned the physical E3 concept months ago. It is practically an open secret that E3 had to struggle behind the scenes with various problems and declining visitor numbers before the pandemic.

It should also be noted that despite Omikron, CES 2022 in Las Vegas is currently taking place with an audience. So the E3 2019 will probably remain the last “ordinary” E3 with a number of visitors of around 66,000 loud GameSpot.

Sources: venturebeat/Gamesbeat, twitter

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