Efun Company, ‘Three Kingdoms M’ opened on the 5th (Wednesday), ‘Kwando Wars’, which hides the strongest alliance of all servers | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

– Opened large-scale content ‘Gwando Daejeon’ for all servers

– Familiar but fresh fun by applying new functions and rules

Efun Company Limited announced on the 7th that it has opened large-scale content ‘Kwando Wars’ for all servers for the strategic mobile game ‘Three Kingdoms M’ developed by Teamtop Games and serviced by the company.

This Kwando War is the 11th large-scale battle content since ‘Three Kingdoms M’ was serviced. Users participate in ‘Kwando Wars’, where the largest number of people can engage in a battle full of tension, regardless of server, and engage in a decisive battle for the strongest position.

In this Kwando War, where you can receive greater benefits by increasing match rewards and ranking rewards, the system for efficiently conducting battles is optimized, and new rules are applied to overturn wins and losses, such as enabling more strategic battles. It is characterized by the application of new functions. In the 11th Kwando War, the official match will be held until January 29th, and from February 2nd to 26th, the postseason will begin in which only one strongest alliance is determined.

An e-fun Company official said, “The 11th Kwando War will have new features and new rules applied,” said an e-fun company official. said.

Three Kingdoms SLG ‘Three Kingdoms M’, which stands at the pinnacle of its strategy, is succeeding in long-term box office success with creative battles and strategies with a high degree of freedom in response to climate change and geographic characteristics. In particular, ‘Kwando Wars’, in which 10,000 alliances and 50 million armies fight fiercely, is popular as the main content of ‘Three Kingdoms M’.

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]