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[기사 본문]

Emtek INC Co., Ltd. (CEO: Lee Deok-soo), which is the No. 1 PC graphics card market share in Korea and a native Korean graphics card brand, is a computer that is easy for consumers to purchase and access. For working consumers and consumers who need to work in a limited work space, a new special exhibition is held at iBycom, our own shopping mall.https://www.ibuycom.com) and the smart store iBycom.

This special exhibition is a self-planned exhibition event through the ibycom shopping mall and smart store, and it is said that ASUS RT-AC750L will be presented to everyone who purchased a PC for one month in January for all models of Redbit’s entry lineup, the HOME Series.

The ASUS RT-AC750L wireless router has a wider wireless reception range and more stable wireless speed compared to the entry-level models on the market. The ASUS RT-AC750L wireless router has a total 750Mbps transmission speed of up to 300Mbps in the 2.4Ghz band and up to 433Mbps in the 5Ghz band. It is a product that allows you to experience a stable network and seamless internet environment even when you connect various smart devices such as smart TVs, game devices, NAS, and PCs at the same time. A product that is evaluated as a product.

On the other hand, there are a total of 5 models of Redbit HOME Series products, and you can see that the performance is variously configured to respond to various types of work and work environments. Since the Redbit HOME Series mainly divides the lineup by CPU performance, it is said that models equipped with GTX 1650 graphics cards optimized for RTS games will be added in the near future.

The special exhibition can be found at the smart store ibycom and EMtech’s own shopping mall ibycom from January 7 to January 31, 2022, and for the first 20 consumers, the event may end early.

Go to RedBit HOME Exhibition – ibycom

Reporter Yoo Dong-shik [email protected]