FIFA 22: Top 100 FUT Players Attacked by Hackers

Numerous FIFA players have turned up Twitter spoke up and announced that they were victims of a Hackerangriffs became. Especially the Top 100 Ultimate Team Players apparently became the target of the attackers. Most users have not only lost rare player cards, but also coins and large sums of money FIFA Points. Well-known names in the community such as FUT Donkey, Nick RTFM, Bateson or FUT FG were affected.

How were FIFA 22 accounts hacked?

At the moment it looks like the accounts were cracked because employees of the EA-Supports apparently the hackers were convinced that they are the rightful owners of the account. Those affected have theirs on Twitter Email mailboxes shown that are full of support requests that they never made. Hacked players have already announced, now only with the launch of FIFA 23 to return.

How does EA react to the current situation?

In a statement did Electronic Arts announced that they are investigating the hacked accounts in FIFA 22 have initiated. Those responsible have not yet come to a conclusion. At the same time, EA points to the Two-step authentication that players should definitely activate.

German Twitch streamer has already been hacked twice in FIFA 22

Only recently did Twitch streamers Trymacs a video at YouTube published where he talks about the second hack attack on his account. According to his own statements, he lost a team worth 26,000 euros in the process. And that although Trymacs had activated two-step authentication and made several email and password changes.

via Eurogamer

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