Great cosplay shows again female Geralt from The Witcher

Probably spurred on by the start of Season 2 of the Netflix series The Witcher, are currently shooting new ones cosplays like mushrooms from the ground. In addition to the true-to-original disguises of the individual characters, a somewhat unusual variant is currently causing a stir in the fan base.

This is what a female Geralt could look like

The Reddit user “suppeoftheday” – also known by her real name Emily – had made it their business to create a female version from Witcher Geralt of Rivia to bring to life. What may sound a bit strange at first, turned out to be a cosplay that is absolutely worth seeing last year. Because apart from the fact that it is a gender swap, almost everything is otherwise correct. In the meantime she has published new pictures.

When making the costume, “suppeoftheday” thought of many small details. This ranges from the striking shoulder armor to the numerous rivets. Even the well-known amulet with the wolf’s head, which Geralt of Rivia usually wears around his neck, is not missing in the cosplay. Even the silver sword with the very pointed blade looks very similar to the original. In order to stage the images of the cosplay as atmospherically and coherently as possible, the Reddit user chose a snowy landscape as the background. In the pictures from last year, a rather barren scene could be seen.

Accordingly, it is currently receiving a lot of praise from the other users at She even takes the time to answer some questions about the process of making the costume.

The Witcher cosplays are very popular

For a long time there have been new cosplay of characters from the world of The Witcher. The female figures are particularly popular. Cosplays by Triss Merigold, Yennefer von Vengerberg and of course the protagonist Geralt von Riva are particularly popular


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