Kuka Games, ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Version’ New PK Season ‘Red Cliff Battle’ New Longevity and Tactics Revealed | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

– New longevity and tactics revealed for the new PK season ‘Red Cliff Wars’

– Jou Yu and Zhuge Liang, who were active in the Battle of Red Cliffs in the real history, appeared and added tactics to enhance strategy.

– You can have fun with combinations and strategies that increase with each season.

Kuka Games announced on the 7th that it will unveil new longevity and tactics for the new PK season ‘Red Cliff Wars’ of the ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’, a seasonal mobile strategy simulation game (SLG) based on the Three Kingdoms material that Kuka Games is servicing.

From the new PK season ‘The Battle of the Red Cliffs’ in the ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’, SP Joo Yu and SP Zhuge Liang, who were active in the actual historical Battle of Red Cliffs, appear. SP Refueling is a way to inflict damage to the enemy, and SP Zhuge Liang is a way to make other generals use their unique active tactics through buffs, so they can play a big role in the battlefield.

New case tactics include breaking bridges, dead-end roads, and first-team battles. In addition to inflicting defeat status on the enemy, a bridge break that deals continuous damage, a dead end that prevents enemy weapon attacks and healing effects, and first-aid battle that removes allies’ debuffs and grants emergency status will be added.

In addition, as it is a new season that heralds the introduction of a new combat system such as underwater warfare and chemical attack along with various contents, users’ longevity combinations and strategic choices are expected to be much wider and more immersive.

3D mode and portrait mode are also newly introduced here. The 3D graphic mode ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ aims to upgrade the details of the battlefield that are more realistic and detailed, and to provide the convenience of one-handed operation in portrait mode. Through this, users can easily enjoy the game with upgraded graphic quality.

The ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’, in which actor ‘Ahn Jae-hong’ recently appeared as a new face, is a popular strategy game because it provides constant fun through the operation of a season system. With new content and progress every season, it constantly provides familiar but fresh fun.

The ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ is the first in the Google Play Store strategy sales in 2021 and the third in the best sales rankings, and at the end of the year, the Google Play ‘Competitive Game that Brilliantly Shined’ Excellence Award, One Store ‘A game company that shined in the One Store in 2021’ ‘, etc., has proven its gameability.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]