Luca app: How to earn real money with 40 million users

The Luca app was developed to enable easy contact tracking in the corona pandemic. In the meantime, many federal states have doubts about the app and no longer want to extend the expensive licenses. With the 40 million users, the makers of the Luca app could then make a lot of money.

Luca app: 40 million users are worth a lot of money

The Luca app is currently about everything. The federal states will shortly decide whether to extend the expensive licenses further or simply drop the app, which the health authorities for the most part do not use for contact tracing. So that the federal states stick to it, one has loud Network policy a special one Lobby agency commissionedthat should convince the relevant decision-makers of the advantages. If that doesn’t work, there are also other ways to earn money with users.

Accordingly, the contracts that were concluded with the makers of the Luca app did not stipulate that the data obtained there may only be used for contact tracking. Experts agree that with 40 million users who can be reached directly in an app, makes a lot of money. The 420,000 locations connected to the Luca app have been able to link menus since December.

An early presentation showed that users could still earn money after the pandemic. There it was shown that in the app also integrate ticket systems for major events could. The possibilities are many. It would have cost other companies around 52 to 60 million euros to gain such a large user base, said start-up investor Ralf Rottmann to Netzpolitik.

We explain the Luca app to you:

Luca does not exclude the use of user data

When asked by Netzpolitik, the makers of the Luca app have not ruled out the expansion of the services. In the end, it should depend on how the federal states decide and whether the Luca app for contact tracking is actually history. If you don’t want to have anything to do with it after the end, can simply uninstall the Luca app. Those who are happy about the additional services can of course stay with them. Everyone is free to do so, of course.